Week 2- On the Road Again…..~

My Daily Habit~

My favorite time of the day, is the first hour of the morning after I’ve dropped my son off at school.  It’s a daily routine I’ve enjoyed for the better part of a decade, which starts when the hot cup of coffee is ready and I’ve taken my spot on the couch.  I grab my two little books, “One Day at a Time” and “Courage to Change” and glean the wisdom from its pages. Next, I read from the Bible, a chapter from Proverbs and a couple chapters as I read through the New Testament. I’ve added to my routine, the Master Keys reading, Og Mandino’s ‘scroll’ for the month, and the other assorted assignments that are part of the Master Key Mastermind Alliance.

What I’m Learning~

I’m really enjoying the Master Key reading and am pondering a lot of the things Haanel says, some of which I’ve never thought much about. I’ve spent so much of my life developing my knowledge and intellect, which I value a lot, but I’ve realized through our lesson, the significance of our subconscious mind.  Hannel said, “It is through the subconscious that Shakespeare must have perceived, without effort, great truths which are hidden from the conscious mind of the student; that Phidias fashioned marble and bronze; that Raphael painted Madonnas; and Beethoven composed symphonies.” Amazing!

One of the functions of our subconscious mind, is to preserve our life through the vital functions, such as our heartbeat and circulation. It also is the storehouse of all of our memories, good and bad….which helps explain how we all can have an irrational behavior or response to something, which actually was triggered from an old memory which we don’t ‘consciously’ remember.  I was intrigued to learn that ‘by stating to the subconscious mind certain specific things to be accomplished, forces are set in operation that lead to the result desired’ as Haanel wrote.  This is what we are doing when we read our DMP, our BPB, and the other readings daily and aloud.  I’m really looking forward to seeing changes as a result.

A Few More Things~

At times a thought will come to me, as it did last week when I put my game ticket atop my sweater, as I was sitting in my car exchanging my flip flops for tennis shoes. When I put my ticket on my sweater, the thought…..or should I say ‘question’  “maybe I should put my ticket in a different spot?”  A few minutes later as I was ready to leave, I grabbed my sweater quickly, forgetting about that little piece of paper which entitled me to pass thru’ the gate and watch the game.  I was never to lay my eyes upon that ticket again, as it was a very windy evening, and it probably flew along the ground at a fast speed!  Hmmmm, now I wonder if that voice came via my subconscious mind….where God speaks ‘mind to mind’. I’m definitely ‘tuning in’ as I’m learning valuable things!

Although this week has been a very busy week, filled with a lot of different obligations, responsibilities and assignments……besides being fatigued, I have felt really calm inside. This journey has been challenging, but terrific.  I’m excited to learn more about the social media element, and how to use the resources in a way that connects with more people.  The last thing I’d like to add, is I’m really enjoying the new connections I’m making online, with fellow ‘sojourners’ through our blogs and twitter!  May the journey be as good for you, as it is for me~


2 thoughts on “Week 2- On the Road Again…..~

  1. Thanks for sharing your world, and for taking on this journey.
    Also, please follow my blog at clhildebrandmasterkey.wordpress.com, rather than at the address posted on the MKMMA list. The posted blog is incorrect! Thanks.

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