Week 6- When Life Moves Fast….

Hit Between the Eyes~

Week 5 was almost over, and I spent my Saturday with two separate families, who had lost a loved one. Two funerals on a Saturday, both lamenting the end of their loved one’s life.  It’s always sad to say goodbye…. to a 94 year old father who lived a wonderful and full life; and to a 57 year old husband and father to three young adult children.  The sorrow is not lessened by the length of life lived. May God comfort and give both families His peace, strength and love to get through the difficult days.

Each of us has an ‘end date’ unbeknownst to each of us, as to when that date will arrive.  It’s at funerals, when most people will allow this thought to hit their conscious mind, however, years go past without any thought of that date.  Yet, if we are to live and arrive at that date without any regrets, we do need to ponder what we wish to accomplish or render to others, with the one life we are given to live. Being a part of the Master Key journey, has been a great way to ‘put it all in front of me’ every single day, three times each day.  At times, I rush through because I’m getting familiar with each ‘card’ or script I read.  Human nature steps in at times, but I trust that the process is working despite these things.  When I step back and look at how my life has been ‘reconstructed’ with a lot of great, new things, I realize that good habits are being put in place!

Where the Rubber Meets the Road~

So, as the Master Key journey continues, life is a bit bumpy and getting bumpier as the week unfolds.  This truly is where the rubber meets the road! It is apparent that an expected support payment that should have arrived a week ago, has not and may not arrive any time soon.  A student that was to rent a room throughout the school year, broke his agreement to move closer to his campus. This is real life stuff and it is not desirable or good, and I’d much rather not be in this place.  One of my PPN’s is liberty: to have time and money freedom.  I’ve learned that God shows up in my life during times such as this.  I have enough memories of personal miracles to testify that God is amazing and He has heard my prayers in times of need.  He’s got everything under control, and I can trust in Him.  So, today, I cast all my cares and anxieties unto Him, because He cares for me….I Peter 5:7  I look to the Source of all power and all resources, as I recite, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” in Philippians 4:13

From our Og Mandino readings, “I will greet this day with love in my heart.  Adversity and discouragement will beat against my new shield (of love) and become as the softest of rains.  My shield will protect me in the marketplace and sustain me when I am alone. It will uplift me in moments of despair, yet it will calm me in times of exultation. It will become stronger and more protective with use until one day I will cast it aside and walk unencumbered among all manners of men and…”

Yes, this is how I will greet this day, no matter the circumstance, with love in my heart.  Life is a series of choices, and I choose to participate in the masterpiece that God wants to create through my life.  Onward and upward!


7 thoughts on “Week 6- When Life Moves Fast….

  1. You’re reaching out to me by liking my blog left me feeling very good. greet each day with lover in your heart. It must be working because we are in harmony. Trust that the law of compensation will reward someone as kind as you.

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