Week 7- In my Mind’s Eye….

Where does it all begin?

In order to create any thing , one first must put together a plan, from which all the details are drawn.  This step is called idealization. We must first picture in our mind what we want and it must be clear, beautiful, grand and without any limitations.  Before any seed is sown, we must know what it is we wish to harvest.   Next, we must create mental pictures or images of what we desire.  This process is called visualization, and it becomes the template from which our future will emerge. Each detail must be visualized and as it unfolds, the ways and means will unfold.  My mom always said I had a vivid imagination, and now it’s time to make good use of it! Everything that we see in our physical world, first started in the imagination of the designer.  First the dream or outcome, then thoughts that lead to action; action develops the methods; methods leads to friends who will bring about circumstances which leads to the last step, which is the materialization of the dream.

When we are clear about what it is we want, then the 5 million mental workers of our subby get busy and does the construction work!  Supply follows the demand.  Earnest desire leads to confident expectation  which is reinforced by firm demand.

‘Earnest desire’ is so different from what occupies most people’s minds.  There’s a lot of negative rumination that takes place in the mental space of most people.  Most of the time it goes unchallenged, which in essence means it can literally last an entire lifetime!  Often, people think about what they ‘don’t want’ or they let their fears take up space in their mind.  A man who is in debt, who constantly thinks about his debts and has the strong, negative emotion of fear attached to his situation, is actually creating more debt.  Loss leads to greater loss.  So, concentrate on the things you want, not on what we don’t want.  This is where all good things begin!

So, what’s actually inside that mind of yours?

We read Emmet Fox’ article on ‘The 7 Day Mental Diet’ and were challenged to eliminate negative thoughts.  Well, this was a challenging week for me, personally.  I was amazed at how many thoughts invade my mind, that aren’t positive and are hindrances to what I really want.  My soul had concerns about a number of things, and those thoughts were pestering me.  I have a long way to go, to pull of 7 straight days of a healthy and positive mentality, but it was a real lesson to observe what was happening ‘up there!’  There are some things that need to be ‘swept out!’

One interesting assignment!

The journey continues, with lots of new ‘bells and whistles’ to make more impressions upon our subby.  We were given an assignment to put our DMP, POA and affirmations to music.  I must admit, I snickered when I learned that we were going to do this.  Me, a ‘rock star?’  How silly! Well, some people are musical learners and this was an assignment that would be really effective for those who learn via music.  So, I chose an 11 minute song, so I can get ‘it all in’.  The song is one of my favorite classical pieces, ‘The William Tell Overture.  Since it is so long and the first 7 minutes  is like a gentle ballad, I read my BPB in its entirety.  Later in the song, it gets really dramatic and has crescendos, and this is where I did my affirmations and DMP.  11 minutes!  It was a lot of fun and after recording it, I went into my kitchen to prepare dinner, and turned my recording on and listened to it.  Wow!  I wouldn’t have known how inspiring it was to hear my own voice, reading my daily recitations!  I’m now interested in doing some ‘extra curricular’ work and make some more recordings in my free time!  Gee, do I ‘want’ to be a rock star?…….


6 thoughts on “Week 7- In my Mind’s Eye….

  1. Charlene,your blog is so detailed and well written. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. It’s obvious that you get it! I am happy for you. Recapping the lesson of the week 7 MK has helped me to understand it even more! And for that I am grateful to you.

  2. I like the message you have pulled out of our learnings so far, Charlene. We have to visualize in order to get what we want, but we also need to clear out our minds of all negativity. Sounds easy on paper doesn’t it? It took me a while to get the recording going to, but I also love it. I’ve got 2 recordings at the moment. 1 with POA, DMP & affirmations. The other is to make me feel good about prospecting. Wishing you all the best on this journey.

  3. Awesome, Charlene. I can truly appreciate how you were skeptical of the recording/music tool, did it anyway, and got so much more out of it than you expected. I’d say that’s HUGE! Way to go! Looking forward to sharing this MKMMA journey with you! ~Onward! David

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