Week 9- As a Man Thinketh~

Thoughts are Very Telling…

This journey has really given me time to consider many things, one of them being the ‘thoughts’ which I ‘mentally’ ponder.  In the mastermind, we have learned that thoughts are comprised of two things:  1) a piece of knowledge; and 2) a feeling.  It is the ‘feeling’ which gives power to the thought.  When a feeling is neutral, there is no effect upon us, however, if a feeling is negative, such as, “I’ll never accomplish my dreams” it works continually against us, whether we’re aware of it, or not.  It’s sad, that these invisible factors are always at work, like ‘voices’ that persuade us to believe their message.  All of the different exercises we do on a daily basis, are designed to reboot our mental hard drive.  It is really making sense and easier to see the value and necessity of these daily exercises.

Earlier today, I was talking with a friend and was able to see the truth of how our thoughts affect us.  She is very intelligent and can easily learn things, yet she is frustrated and has not experienced the success she wishes to have in her business.  After a short while into our conversation, she shared how her father had told her that it is really hard to make it in sales and that she wouldn’t be able to provide a decent living for herself.  Her father is deceased, yet his words still influence her today and leaves her frustrated and feeling like a failure.  This is really sad, but there is hope that she can change the outcome, by changing the voices that she listens to, including her own voice and beliefs. Isn’t it interesting, that a person can hear five positive things about themselves, but if someone says something negative about them, they often dwell on the negative?  This serves to reinforce the things we don’t want.  Why do we do this?  We can just as readily orient towards the positive, but that is the harder choice to implement.  This is very telling in regards to how our minds work.  We truly have a difficult time listening to the positive and encouraging voices.

I remember when going through a difficult life event, someone asked me what it was that I wanted.  The question flabbergasted me, as I realized I had no idea how to answer that question!  If once wasn’t enough, I was asked the same question, by a second person just  a week later.  Hmmmm……I guess it was time to learn something new about myself.  I was taught to put others first, which is of great value.  But, when one’s own needs or concerns are discounted, it can have negative unintended consequences.  It’s been a process to figure out what I wanted, but it was life-changing to learn this and to grow in areas I lacked.

As I reflect on my family, I see that this is true.  Bad news travels fast and more calls were made to report the negative or bad news, than were made simply to express love and encouragement.  I can change that, and am changing this in my life, as a result of the journey.  I wish to be encouraging, affirming and loving.  This week’s assignment to write out a positive affirmation is powerful.  I’m going to step it up, since our exercises are having a profoundly positive effect upon my life!

“As a man thinketh, so he is.”  Proverbs 23:7


3 thoughts on “Week 9- As a Man Thinketh~

  1. This is great. So true: “We can just as readily orient towards the positive, but that is the harder choice to implement.” Thank you for sharing your thoughts & experiences. I can really relate to the story of your friend, who carries as a belief something that was said once to her. As a parent, I try very hard to put positive, encouraging, supportive thoughts into my children!

  2. Charlene, I enjoyed reading your blog this week! I really like your comment about rebooting our mental hard drive. It’s not always easy, but at least now we can recognize a negative thought, word or action and change it. Continued success on your journey!

  3. Really great observations that you share with us this week Charlene. You made me think about the choices we have in life, and why there is a tendancy to lean towards the negative messages. Why? Do we seek drama and attention? I can’t imagine it would be our intention to seek despair or pain, but that is what we get if we allow ourselves to be drawn to the negative. The news on TV, radio and print these days seeks out the negative stories as it brings in the viewers. If we allow ourselves to be bombarded with negative views, we shouldn’t be surprised at what we experience ourselves. Sadly, it has taken a course like MasterKeys to even be aware of all the negatives forces that we are surrounded by, not least, our thoughts. Thankfully though, we are now aware and can choose to do something about it. Thanks for your insight.

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