Week 18- My Life, My Journey~

Breaking Free~

As we pass through each decade of life, there are new truths we’ve assimilated into our being. Some of those ‘truths’ are lessons we’ve learned from the things we’ve experienced; while some are opinions we’ve gathered along the way, and stored within; and sad to say, there are wrong ideas we’ve accepted as true, that could best be described as ‘heavy garments’ that weigh us down in life and keep us from running freely, the race we were meant to run towards our bliss.  Unfortunately, most people never learn that they had a race to run, and therefore live a life of relative insignificance or lives of quiet desperation.

Those of us in the MKE, are being led toward our bliss, which can be defined as the definite major purpose in our life, which we were created to do.  There is something buried deep within each of us, that calls out to us at various times in our life.  Most of us can’t hear this call,  this yearning from within…..because we’ve assimilated beliefs from others that drown out the ‘whisper from within.’ At different times on our journey, we may feel an emotional tug on our heart, but that’s as close as it may get.  Or, we watch an inspirational movie and see the courageous hero overcome many obstacles to achieve his prize.  This often moves us to tears, yet we don’t give much consideration as to what has touched our heart. This is as close as most people ever get, to hearing any call to greatness.

How is it possible any of us could miss  something so important in life, and hardly even be aware of it?  For about 95% of all people, it slips right through the cracks, because our ‘old blueprint’ and all those familiar thoughts we live with, are hard-wired within and have become our modus operandi.  Yes, the majority of people live their life on ‘auto pilot’ giving standard retorts, asking the same questions and having the same conversation 100 times, and talking about the miseries of work, the weather, and their favorite sports team, etc.  Changing the status quo is difficult, but sometimes the pain of staying the same, can become intolerable.  To have something different, we must do something different.  We must ask different questions, those that educe more from inside of us, such as ‘if I were to die today, would I have left anything unfinished or unspoken? The problem we each face, is getting too busy to even ‘think.’ Take time right now, and ponder this question. Don’t wait until you reach the end of your road, when death is imminent.  Isn’t it time to break free from all those heavy garments you’re wearing, and to detach from other people’s opinions of what your life should be? Isn’t it time to choose friends who encourage your gifts and talents, rather than the critics who dismiss and discourage you?  How about ridding yourself of procrastination and self-doubts that derail your best efforts?.  It’s easy to miss the ‘call to greatness’ and just continue on in life, on the road of mediocrity.  Change is a challenge to the ‘self’ that you have created, and will take great effort and determination to become the person you will respect.  It is worth every effort taken to become all that you were designed by God to be.

Beoming All that You Were Meant to Be~

Every hero comes to this juncture, this fork in the road, when they have to answer the call in their life.  There’s a restlessness within, that cannot be satisfied by the status quo.  They must answer the call upon their soul, a call to significance and meaning. By virtue of the fact that the hero answers this call, and leaves the ‘known’ behind him and presses onward into ‘uncharted’ trails, is precisely what makes him a hero.  We all love to watch heroes, because that’s the same call we have upon our own soul.  Although we don’t always consciously recognize our desire, this is precisely what we want in our own lives; to achieve that which we were put on earth to achieve. What is worth living for?  What gives you great joy in life? Answer these questions, so you can answer the call upon your life.  Take thehero’s journey.’  Only when we take this journey, and fulfill the mission, do we experience the true joy and satisfaction of a life well lived.

Are you willing to ‘figuratively’ die and leave the life you know?  Are you willing to separate yourself from those who pull you down with their words? Is the sacrifice of the hero’s journey worth it to you? Will you live a life of ‘no regrets’ or will you join the masses so you can feel comfortable ‘fitting in’ with them?

This is my life, and my journey, and I have made my choice.  You have your life, and thus your journey.  My encouragement is to think, to really think it through. It’s better to ask questions of yourself today, than to wait until you’re at the end of your life,  and begin to evaluate your life.  It will be too late, and regret will be your companion. You will have no one to blame for the choices you’ve made.

Thoughts are powerful, and if we can change our thoughts, we can change our world…..starting from within.

Take the journey you were meant to take. It’s the only journey that will truly fulfill your soul.

What will you decide when you come to the fork in the road, and hear a faint voice from within? Will you snuff it out, or will you yield your life to something greater than yourself? Only you can decide………


“I shall be telling this with a sigh, somewhere ages and ages hence:  two roads diverged in a wood and I– I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference!’     Robert Frost




7 thoughts on “Week 18- My Life, My Journey~

  1. Yes! Yes! Yes! “Yes, the majority of people live their life on ‘auto pilot’ giving standard retorts, asking the same questions and having the same conversation 100 times, and talking about the miseries of work, the weather, and their favorite sports team, etc.” Yes! There is life beyond ‘auto pilot’

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