Week 25- Be Not Conformed~

Conformity or Deepest Desire?

As a child, we were true to ourselves. When we were upset, we cried; when we were happy, everyone knew by the smile on our face; when we were scared, we cried.  Eventually, we learned to conform to the norms, with each passing year.  The educational system, discourages ‘genius’ by teaching to the average student.  It’s all backwards and counterintuitive, to what is truly satisfying to the soul of each person. In our mastermind, we are rediscovering our true, authentic self……the person God had in mind when He created us, with unique gifts to share with the world.  Conformity is a curse to the soul of each person, making us agreeable to each other, so we all see life through the same lens.  We are told in Romans 8:1, “Be not conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is the acceptable, good and perfect will of God.”  To conform is to put on the form, fashion, appearance 0f another person.  We were never intended to be a ‘copy of a copy’ but instead we are unique and made in the image of God.  Our minds are to be renewed, which has a transforming effect upon us, just as we’ve learned and experienced in our mastermind. After years of conformity to societal norms, it takes purposeful new ‘input’ to dilute all the mental garbage that has accumulated in our mind, over the years.

Is Change Really Possible?

Mark asked Davena, if she wanted a different life or if she wanted to improve the life she had.  This is a great question to ponder.  Most people want relief or less stress, so they can alleviate discomfort. To have the life you really want to live, most people have some housekeeping to do.  The past does not have to define the future, nor do circumstances.  You get to define your future, and it is contingent on the choices you make today.  In our mastermind, we read daily from Og Mandino’s first book, “The Greatest Salesman” which has sold millions of copies.  I’ve read multiple books of Og Mandino’s and he is one of my favorite authors in his genre.  Many years back, when I read his book, “A Better Way to Live” I was shocked to learn that Og’s life had gotten so low, that he considered ending it. He lost his job, his wife and daughter, and everything he held dear in his life. During his hour of need, his mother’s voice came to mind, that Og would be a great writer one day.  He went to the local library to do some thinking and reading. One book that made a difference in his life was, “Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude” by W. Clement Stone and Napolean Hill.  It was different than all the other ‘success’ books that promised fast change in acquiring wealth. Stone and Hill said, “You can accomplish anything you wish that is not contradictory to the laws of God or man, providing you are willing to pay a price.”  This is what gave him hope and helped him on the journey to the life he wanted to live.

So, the answer to the question, “is change really possible?” is personal.  It’s a choice.  Change is possible, but it must be desired and pursued. Emerson, in ‘Self-Reliance’ said, “insist on yourself; never imitate.  Your own gift you can present every moment with the cumulative force of a whole life’s cultivation; but of the adopted talent of another, you have only an extemporaneous, half-possession.  That which each can do best, none but his Maker can teach him.” We each have to find our heart, that oft neglected part of our being, that we have buried within. The expression ‘half-hearted’ is not complementary, yet when we conform to societal standards, we lose our heart. Start today, to cultivate your dreams. Be true to your ideals and your unique gifts, bestowed upon you by your Creator.  Live the life you were meant to live!




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